Importance Planning vs. Planning Importance

Matt and I are planners.  We plan for everything (or as much as we get advanced notice for).  We make to-do lists. We have calendars (both virtual and paper).  We are rarely spontaneous when it comes to planning for the day, the weekend, the month, even sometimes for the year. Let me give you anContinue reading “Importance Planning vs. Planning Importance”

There’s More To Just Eating Out

When we first started our journey on June 21st it was right after celebrating Father’s Day with family. We met at a restaurant and spent hours enjoying dinner and conversation. It would be months before we would meet again. Our birthday (Matt and I share the same birthday) and anniversary are on August 11th. WeContinue reading “There’s More To Just Eating Out”

“If you stick to the plan IT WORKS”

With every weight loss plan or dietary journey there are up and downs. We have attempted numerous weight loss plans over the years without much success. Why would any other plan be different? We discovered MOXIFIT through our family health clinic. How is this program different from all the rest? We soon realized that theContinue reading ““If you stick to the plan IT WORKS””