Knowing your Numbers

Today was an amazing day. I had the opportunity to meet with friends during bible study at Mission City Church. During our discussion we talked about priorities. In our busy everyday lives, what is our priorities? Is it God? Is it Family? Is it Friends? Work? What about your health?

Where is health on your priority list? When beginning your health journey, it helps to know your baseline or where you are starting from. It is important to know your numbers. When I talk about knowing your numbers I am not talking about your measurements or shoe size. I am not talking about your bank account number or driver’s license number, although those are good numbers to know. The numbers I am referring to is your health numbers. Know what your A1c is, know your blood pressure, know your blood sugar level, and know your BMI. I am a strong believer in you can not fix or improve something unless you know what needs the fixing. I encourage all of you to see your doctor at least once a year because your health depends on it.

Last week I met with the doctor. I did blood work to check my numbers. Now I am 8 months into my health journey. I have been 7 months off all diabetes and blood pressure medication per my doctor’s orders. I am amazed to report that my blood pressure was 118/69 which is normal and my A1c had dropped from 10.7 to 6.2, a normal range is between 5-6. My BMI has dropped 20% over the last 8 months. This is a wonderful feeling. I feel that this has set me free from the pill box. I know my journey is far from over but over this past 8 months I have realized how important prioritizing my health is. It takes daily effort and determination. Yes, we all know that there might be a moment when we indulge or slip up. The most important thing for us to do is to get back on track. We only have one life to live we need to make the most of it. Know your numbers so you can know yourself.

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