Chasing Weight

Hi all!! It’s been a few weeks since we last posted. We enjoyed 4 days off with the family, we spent a few days supporting a neighbor with an open house for her business, we trick or treated with the kids and we have been busy dreaming up plans for an opportunity that has been presented to us (more to come on that once it becomes our reality). In other words, life is happening. Along with being busy we have recognized that as we are getting closer to our goal weight we noticed some potentially unhealthy habits.

So here is the dilemma. For us, our weekly weigh in is on Wednesday. We find ourselves staying on the plan during the week until Monday comes. Then on Monday and Tuesday, we become stricter on our plan, so strict it almost feels like we are starving ourselves (choosing mostly liquids) or over working ourselves (taking extra long walks). Why do we do this? Basically, it is to be able to make our weekly goal weight (which we put on ourselves based on how close we are to reaching our next 10lb goal) for weigh in Wednesday. We are literally chasing the weight. What is that doing to us? Is this healthy for us? This is starting to give us a complex and not in a good way but we are fortunate to recognize the need for change. We may give the perception of better habits in situations like when you floss your teeth before going to the dentist to make it seem like you have been flossing for the last six months or when you clean your house before the cleaning crew shows up so it doesn’t seem like you have a messy house. What we have learned is that it is better for us to maintain the meal prep, the log(tracking) and the plan for the duration of the week instead of accelerating the plan at the end of the week. We have a goal, but reality is there is no deadline to reaching that goal. So why are we rushing it? Trusting the plan during the week is our focus so we don’t have to chase the weight at the end of each week.

This is a lifestyle change that we committed to. Remembering that it is all about having a healthier life because if we do that the weight will take care of itself. We have become successful in the MOXIFIT program because we are accountable. Yes, we must be accountable for ourselves and our decisions on living a healthier lifestyle. However, having a health coach from “Ideal Health of Boerne” has proven to be instrumental in our weight loss journey. A big shout out to Traci and the wonderful team she has.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Weight

  1. Hi Matt and MIchelle, I’m so glad you are enjoying Moxifit! I love reading about your journey. As someone who has maintained her weight for almost 10 years here are my words of advice to you. Put your scales away – Committing to yourself and developing healthier habits needs to be about how do you feel. Remember, the scale may not reflect the inches that are lost, the scale may not reflect amazing amount of sleep you are having or the fact you no longer are having brain fog during the day. Just stay the course, don’t rush the process and because you feel good don’t believe you’ve got it. We will always be a work in progress. Paying attention to our health needs will always be a necessity because of the world we live in and the junk food that surrounds us. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it occasionally, it just means you have to have boundaries. I hope you have begun to learn all about giving yourself permission with Traci (She is awesome!). Permission slips are a great tool for the holiday season. Most importantly think of process like a dimmer switch. There’s no or off switch, just moments where you will need to tune in and be brighter. And then there will be moments where you can dim it down and being more of a neutral mode. Here’s to the holiday season, stay tuned in, celebrate yourselves and remember you’re learning to live not diet.

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    1. Susan we appreciate your support and words of advice. I love the dimmer analogy because you’re right reaching our goal doesn’t mean its over (lights off). That’s when we feel the true work comes in, with maintaining it. Giving ourselves grace is required when setting boundaries. Acknowledging that we have the permission is worth celebrating in itself. Thank you for creating and leading an amazing tool for us to use as we continue to learn to live healthier lives.


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