Livin’ Large

I am not talking about living with lots of money but living as a large individual. Those of you that are or have been overweight could probably relate to this blog. To the rest of you this would give you a snap shot of what we go through on a daily basis. Living as a large individual definitely has its experiences. There are times that being overweight dictates how you live your life. Whether you don’t go to an amusement park to ride the rides or your requesting a table when eating out rather than a booth because you know that you won’t fit in a booth. But you know it’s really bad when visiting the parents during the holidays and having to bring my own chairs because I broke all the dining room chairs.

I have been an overweight man almost my entire adult life. It is all I know. It is so easy to learn to live that kind of lifestyle and I accepted it for a long time. There was this time about 10 years ago I had gone to Fiesta Texas. I was going to have a good time and see what the theme park had to offer. When I arrived I was so excited to get in the bumper cars. I was next in line so when it was my turn I picked out my car and took a seat ( I did feel a little snug). I was ready to go but I noticed that the seat belt buckle would not latch. I tried and tried to tighten it around my belly but there was no way it was going to fasten. Maybe they would not notice. Sure enough the park staff came to check the safety of my car and I was told that I could not ride because I could not fasten the seat belt. As the day went on I wanted to give another ride a try. It was a roller coaster. I love roller coasters! After standing in line for over an hour I was ready to finally take my place in the coaster. This coaster had a lap belt that comes down to securely fasten across your chest. Like earlier I tried my hardest to securely lock my lap belt. I sucked my belly in and everything. Maybe if I just hold it in place they wont notice. This is a fully occupied ride and was about to begin. Then it happened. A safety alarm went off that sounded like a Tornado warning. Well that’s what I heard. I am still in my seat waiting to see what was going to happen. It felt like everyone at the theme park was looking to see who set off the alarm. The park staff arrived at my coaster “Sir you need to exit the ride”. I was devastated. As I got up to walk out everyone in the entire park was staring at me. There were some people giggling and making crude comments. I had never been so humiliated in all my life. That was the last time I attempted to enjoy a theme park until this weekend. For the first time ever I drove a GO KART. I saw the seat belt extenders and my first instinct was to use them. But behold I did not need them. During this entire weight loss journey and out of all the weight I have lost this was my most proudest moment as an adult. I was driving a GO KART. Racing around the track with great jubilation. I felt like a “kid in a candy store” NO it was more like “in my health coach’s MOXIFIT store”. As a large person I got a glimpse of the endless possibilities of my new life. It was enough for me to never want to go back to where I started.

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