Weekly Prep

Happy Fall! What a wonderful way to start the season. Wednesdays are our weigh in days. We are currently in week 14 of our weight loss journey. Matt is down 68 lbs and Michelle is down 45lbs. We are so excited to still be seeing the numbers drop week by week. We wanted to share with you all a glimpse of how we plan for our week. Moxifit is a medically supervised weight loss program. It does entail partial meal replacements which takes away 75% of our food choices. This makes the remaining 25% easy to manage as we focus on our protein of choice and our daily vegetables.

We use Sunday evenings as our time to plan out our week. We each have our own containers and daily baggies. This is easy for Matt to put in his bag for the day and Michelle to place in her purse for easy on the go.

Starting Our Planning

Water intake is very important on this plan. Drinking electrolytes and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) is highly recommended and counts towards our daily water intake. Moxifit electrolytes and BCAAs come in different flavors. It’s recommended that we aim for at least 68 oz. daily. Drinking water has never been easy for Michelle, but having flavored drinks helps to get her count in for each day.

There are no cheat days on this plan, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to enjoy some treats. We love the Toffee Pretzel bars and chips. It is unreal how great they taste and yet they are good for us. Our health coach told us once, if we ate anything off plan it could set us back a week. After the amount of money, time, and energy we have invested into our journey so far we agree that going off plan is just not worth the set back.

Moxitfit does provide quite a bit of variety when it comes to their replacement meals. They have shakes, oatmeal, mug muffins, drinks, cheese sauce and veggie chili just to name a few. Some of their essentials we eat as whole meals or we incorporate them into our protein and veggie meals.

We look forward to packing our daily baggies each Sunday. It makes us feel accomplished and ready for the week. We used to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we would be eating for dinner everyday. Now we have our set meals that we both have come to enjoy. We usually end each day with a salad. (We will be creating another page to share some of our meal pictures.) We have found our success through the Moxifit program is due to weekly meal planning. We have to look at the week ahead to plan for any possible challenges. For example, upcoming birthdays, football games, or just a busy weekend. Planning ahead allows us to plan for the day accordingly so we stay on plan by selecting something like a drink we can easily pack extra water for vs. selecting something that needs to be warmed up, prepared, or cooked.

You will find success in planning. Especially planning ahead. It can be a bit time consuming, but in the end so worth it. A part of the program also focuses on reducing stress. We have found that by doing this we think less about the “food” and more about other important things going on around us. We are learning to eat to live vs. living to eat.

Ready for the week

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