“If you stick to the plan IT WORKS”

With every weight loss plan or dietary journey there are up and downs. We have attempted numerous weight loss plans over the years without much success. Why would any other plan be different? We discovered MOXIFIT through our family health clinic. How is this program different from all the rest? We soon realized that the difference was us. We have to be ready to take that step to walk through those doors and to be open to change. On day 1 the most memorable phrase that our health coach told us was “if you stick to the plan it works”. We did not realize how important that phrase would be to us. It became our battle cry. No one told us it would be easy and we didn’t expect it to be. There are sacrifices that must be made. We didn’t realize how mentally focused we needed to be to stay true to the plan.

Just like any weight loss plan there are struggles. The hardest part of this plan is saying “no” to the “normal foods” that we are accustomed to. This is a daily struggle that we still endure today even being down 100lbs combined in our journey. In our 13th week we thought that this would get easier for us but it isn’t. We still crave the sweets, the enchiladas and the tacos. It makes things especially hard for us running a BBQ business. Being mentally prepared and focused has allowed us to make sacrifices and to resist temptations.

Our desire not to return to where we started is what has helped us stay on track. We have made great progress to get where we are today. Eating anything off plan would set us back which is not worth it for us. We are in the fight for our lives literally. Losing weight is a struggle but this is our opportunity to put our health as our top priority. The best part of this plan is that there is no gray area. Either you are all-in or not. We chose to be all-in. There are no second chances for us and we did not want to wait before it is too late.

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