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Update: Still making progress

23 Weeks in and down 144 lbs. combined!

Matt is down 83 lbs. and Michelle 61 lbs. We are excited to still see progress as we continue on our journey. The end of the year is near and so are the holidays. Bring on the challenges, we are better prepared for them!

16 weeks in and down 127 lbs. combined!

Every week brings on new challenges, but we work through them together and with the guidance from our health coach. Matt is 75% and Michelle is 50% to our initial goal of 100 lbs each.

12 weeks in and down 100 lbs. combined!

Welcome to our site! Please follow along with us as we share our weight loss journey and what drives our healthier lifestyle change.

Now: September 8, 2021 Before: May 29, 2021

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are Matt and Michelle. We are now 23 weeks into our weight loss journey and officially down 144 pounds combined (Matt 83 lbs. /Michelle 61 lbs. ). We started our weight loss journey June 21, 2021. We are new to blogging, but we really thought it was a great time to start sharing our journey in hopes it motivates someone.

We have each set our initial goals to lose 100lbs each. So you can see we have a way to go.

You may be asking “how have we been successful so far?”. You’d probably expect to hear that it has been with a lot of struggle and sweat and tears, but for us that has not been the case.

We have been successful because we have changed the way we are eating with the help of the Moxifit program. We have a health coach to keep us accountable through our daily tracking logs. We meet with her weekly for our weigh ins and to discuss our non-scale victories and challenges.

Even more than the weight we are losing Matt has found more success as a Type 2 diabetic. Since day 3 of this program he has been off all of his diabetic medications (under his doctor’s recommendation). Due to the change in his diet his blood sugar levels have normalized. The worry went from his numbers being too high to being too low while on his meds.

We hope through this blog we are able to share our struggles and triumphs. As much as we want to be motivation for anyone who may need it we also will benefit from any encouragement you may share or questions you may have about our journey.

Please know we are sharing what has worked for us. We understand everyone’s journey will be different. We recommend you contact your doctor prior to starting any weight loss program. We are not medical professionals.

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